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Our domain name management and brokerage services are vastly popular with the current wave of domain name investors, collectors, flippers and organizations wanting to leverage our personalized and attentive domain name concierge services, let our expertise manage your digital assets freeing time and energy for other projects.

Niche aged portfolios large or small, domain name sales and acquisitions, management done with care and confidentiality.

Below you will find answers to our domain name frequently asked questions, if you would like to learn more please contact us and a domain name specialist will assist you.

Where do all the domain names listed on IBOD come from?

IBOD works closely with a group of key web design and development companies who routinely retire, replace or upgrade client domain names.

What’s the buying process?

The domain name purchasing process is easy; send an email to find out the current status of your interest with any questions you may have and the agent will supply the domain names status and asking price.

We encourage buyers to make counter offers, the domain owners expect it.

Tell me about domain name pricing.

As of January 2024 brandable comps are averaging anywhere from $4700 to $38,000 and there are a few great domain names closing within the $2700 to $4000 range. A domain name is a great investment that has global reach, there is no other vehicle on planet earth stronger or more diverse than the internet.

Many surfers have sticker shock when a domain’s asking price is not at a “hobbyist” level they can learn more by visiting DNJournal and browsing the year to date domain name sales data.

What domain name services does IBOD offer?

We manage client domain name portfolios that range from a single domain name to many hundreds per account – businesses. investors and individuals including private estates and celebrities use are domain name services. Management duties vary but usually consist of registration, acquisition, brokerage and recovery; renewals, name server changes along with diverse DNS management including but not limited to security and privacy. IBOD is not a domain name parking service, we do not “park” domains for click through monetization. If you would like to learn more if our domain name management services would of a benefit to you, send us an email – all communications are confidential.

How much does it cost to list my domain name For Sale with IBOD?

Listing is free but contractual, you will not be able to list your domain for sale on any other website, platform or social media outlet when under contract with IBOD. Our commission/broker fee is currently 10% of the closing sale price and includes all marketing, design and communications with perspective buyers. fee’s are handled on “per domain” basis and is the responsibilty of the domain name owner to decide who pays escrow fee’s.  We manage the sale from listing, communicating with to the successful transfer of the domain name to the new buyer.

I’m here because of a domain name I want is listed for sale, what’s the next step?

If you have found this page from a domain name “for sale” lander and would like to learn more or make an offer send an email using the supplied email address found on the landing page and your request will be routed to the correct manager. We currently have two domain name managers that work seven days a week. All domain name sales are processed through and we exclusively use their concierge service for all transactions.

All domain names listed for sale on IBOD are listed in good faith, all sales are final with no return or exchange. Learn more at

Can I park domain names I already own without using IBOD hosting services?

No. IBOD is not a domain name parking service. All of our hosting plans including our budget priced plan could be used for parking multiple domain names by redirecting DNS through your registrar to your website. Keep in mind your bandwidth will be affected on high volume popular addresses.

How secure are your domain name management services?

Very secure. IBOD is cored on human input, not automation so hackers, thieves and hijackers would need to not only possess your email and telephone but other “known only to you” data we set up when you sign on for our service. All domain name sales are processed through

I found IBOD through a parked domain name, is the parked domain name for sale?

It all depends. When a domain is under our management and you find it in pause it may be for multiple reasons such as the client wishes to keep a hosting account active but closed to the public, is working on launching their website or preparing to sell the domain name. We have clients that wish to sell unwanted domain names and we assist with brokering services and advertising and if you find a “not officially listed for sale” domain name managed by us and have an interest to purchase, send an email to and we will notify the owners of your interest.

Valuation Services?

If you’re a domain name seller estimating the value of your domain can be a challenge. To ensure you’re asking for the right amount of money, let IBOD find the comps to help with the math before listing.

How can I learn more about Domain Name valuation?

If you’ve been shopping for a new domain name for your project or brand then you’ve been exposed to the current price points depending on your wants and needs.  As of this writing the .com is still king and demands the lions share over all other extensions, but other extensions still offer great value as well.  A brand able .com domain name could be offered from the high teens well into the six figures, other extensions can sell at a discount depending on popularity.

Domain names are digital assets, virtual real estate for personal, business, investment and creative related ventures.

To learn see current comps for recent domain names sales we recommend visiting: DNJournal Year to Date Sales Charts

IBOD Domain Name Policies

We have conservative policies with regard to client hosted domain names, management and the sales and leasing of domain names. All IBOD clients and perspective domain name buyers are expected to read and abide by these terms of service which can be found at

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