Global Deployment of Virtual Assets

Established in 1996 as a producer of film and video and marching in step with internet streaming authors, IBOD has evolved into a premier digital content management and delivery company. Generous highly supported hosting and delivery solutions beginning with flexible "start up" accounts to professional level broadcasting suites. All digital, all the time on all devices - that's IBOD.

Servers located around the world for speed and high latency - we are not confined to one data center. Catering to all levels of need from the basic web hobbyist to professionals of the medical, entertainment or corporate arenas who demand the best hosting, delivery and support for their virtual assets. No matter what level you choose all accounts are manually created and supported by dedicated people who consider your account mission critical.

Media Broadcasting & Communications

Society demands and we make it happen with our streaming media servers helmed by a staff of obsessive techs trained in micro screen broadcasting. Our broadcast clients include diverse small and micro screen professionals, start ups, indie producers, novice web users and corporate non-virtuals. IBOD is deeply involved within the mobile community delivering apps, all ages entertainment, animation, gaming and private multi-device social and secure storage networks.

Radio communications - we cover the spectrum working with private individuals, small companies to large corporations and remote island resorts. IBOD can build a new or supplement your current station or mobile needs including delivery and deployment of equipment backed by our excellent service and support.


Premium Service and Support

  • Modern Data Centers
  • Flexible Enterprise Hosting
  • Fully Managed Hybrid Servers
  • Strategic Global Locations
  • Dedicated Mobile Device Delivery
  • Focus on New Media Entertainment
  • Broadcast & Streaming Solutions
  • Fast Service and Support

IBOD management is always seeking energetic people with industry experience. If you have a talent to sell please use the general contact form and state your interest and someone with authority will respond.

At IBOD we value performance over embroidery. If you have experience in IT, Web Hosting, A/V, Broadcasting or the Amateur Radio arena beyond the level of car porter but not the educational credentials, we may have something for you now or in the future depending on your talents.

Email us to learn more.

Backup Your Files

Anything can happen when hosting digital assets remotely on a managed dedicated server or your home computer - it's easy to forget to back them up to remote hard drive or disk media. Save yourself time and heartache and back up your files!

General Inquiries

For all general inquiries about the company, our services, support or subsidiary companies please use our contact page.

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